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What Is…?

What is Chiropractic Manipulation?

adjustChiropractic manipulation, or “adjustments” were dsicovered by David D. Palmer in 1895 and have been safely used for over a century here in the United States. The adjustment consists of specific pressures and forces to vertebrae or other joints that are moving abnormally. Manipulation is sometimes accompanied by a “popping” noise or cavitation, not unlike that of “cracking” finger joints. This noise is harmless and is created by nitrogen gas escaping as the joint pressure is released.

What is Acupuncture or Cupping?

quizAcupuncture originated in the orient over 3,000 years ago and involves the use of very thin needles inserted into specific energy points. These energy points influence the flow of Qi. In a healthy person, Qi flows freely and fully. When there is a disruption of this flow, illness or pain maybe felt. Generally, acupuncture is a painless procedure and is very relaxing. Some individuals feel a small prick, like a mosquito bit as the needle is inserted, but this soon disappears. Our acupuncture needles are completely sterile and designed for one-time usage. Acupuncture treatment is a completely drug-free and natural form of health care.  Cupping uses (improve suction cups) over the same acupuncture points, as well as used to glide over the fascia and break up adhesions.  There may be some bruising from the treatment, but many patients love how it helps them.

What is Physical Therapy?

5f1Physical Therapy is a discipline that seeks to improve the function of muscles, joints and ligaments and decreases the likelihood of repetitive injury caused by improper biomechanics. The term “biomechanics” is used in health care circles to describe the way the body recruits muscles to move joints during your everyday life. When you have improper biomechanics there is extra wear and tear on the joints and surrounding muscles, which can cause you to have pain, poor posture or not “hold” your adjustments as long as you should. Improving muscle function does not happen within a session or two with the doctor. As with any form of exercise, it takes dedication and concentration to make a difference in the way you move during your everyday life. In the end, most patients find physical therapy to be very rewarding in improving their quality of life and decreasing painful flare-ups.